Empress of Fashion

Empress of Fashion

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OLFACTIVE: Oriental Saffron

PERFUMER: Jean Marc Chaillan

Diana Vreeland was called the Empress of Fashion. Mrs. Vreeland stated that fashion was not just about clothes, she lived for the fantasy of fashion. This is where she left her mark and no one past or present has been able to challenge her style or distinct point view. 

Her creative path was bold and broad; she discovered and inspired great designers, she edited the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue with flare and energy that had never been seen before. Her groundbreaking shows at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute touched a new audience. She breathed life into the clothes and their history and forever revolutionized the significance of fashion in museums worldwide. 

Throughout her life, fashion was the constant path that she walked.  She is one of the most referenced names in the fashion world still today because of her unflinching taste, her bold eye, and her style.  She lived in her dreams and was able to transport the world to her singular and exotic vision.  She famously said during her tenure at Bazaar, “I was the one and only fashion editor!” - even today her imprint on the creative world is unrivaled. 


Embodying Diana Vreeland’s theatrical personality, Empress of Fashion arrives on the scene with a sweet and powerful impression of blackcurrant bud absolute.  Rosy and modern pink pepper emerges with bittersweet and soft Saffron setting the mood for an intimate and aromatic profile.

Pristine and feminine Turkish rose emanate a velvety richness at the heart as cassis absolute imparts a warm powdery note with a sweet mimosa nuance. Geranium absolute mesmerizes with a sweet and fruity twist. At the base of the fragrance, powerful Cypriol heart catches your eye with its smoky and leathery distinctions. Intoxicating Tonka and vanilla bean absolute intoxicates with an enveloping sensuality.

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