Staggeringly Beautiful

Staggeringly Beautiful

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PERFUMER: Pascal Gaurin

An ode to Diana Vreeland’s broad vision of beauty.  She redefined beauty and found it where it never existed before… It could be a unique attribute like a gap between front teeth or the length of a woman’s neck; a shade of crimson that reminded her of a Balenciaga cape; the vibrant sound of Notre Dame’s bells, or the unforgettable golden light of the sun setting on a hot summer day.


Vibrant, sparkling and transportive, Staggeringly Beautiful perfectly captures the cool breezes, sparkling clear water, and lush, rich foliage of the summer aromas along the Mediterranean.

The amazing aura of Staggeringly Beautiful comes from the rarely combined earthy fig leaf with the delicious fig fruit.  The beautiful bouquet is then induced with citrus elements from Sicilian bergamot and paired with the rarely used jonquil (daffodil), a flower native to France, the heart exudes rich, green, floral characteristics.

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